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Mens Running Shoes


What to look for when you want to buy new running shoes?

When you are trying to decide on what mens running shoes to buy, you’ll need to take into consideration a few very important factors. Firstly, what type of running will you be doing? Remember that running on a paved road is hugely different to running on the beach or on a dirt trail, and that means you will need different shoes for each activity. You also need to make sure that your shoes for mens running fit properly. They should provide ample support in the sole and be sufficiently flexible at the top to let your foot move and breathe but stay supported. Lastly, you want to check that the shoe is specifically a running shoe. Beware that some regular sneakers can look very similar, and it pays to check carefully before purchasing.

Asics to Nike: Which brands have the best running shoes?

This is a contentious topic, and for obvious reasons. While many people tend to focus on brands and which is the best, when you look more closely, you will find that brand name is not necessarily the most important thing in men’s running shoes. For stability runners, ASICS Kayano would be a great option, but if you have high arches, maybe opt for Brooks Ghost. It all depends on your gait and frequency of running. Of course, some highly well-known and reputable companies achieved their status for a reason and they do produce very high quality footwear, but you owe it to yourself to not think in terms of what is “the best.” Instead, consider, what is “the best for you?”

What are the best running shoes in 2021?

This year has seen some exciting new designs emerge, so when you are asking yourself what the best is for you, fortunately you will have a number of options to choose from. Every foot is different, every runner is different, and you owe it to yourself to check carefully before purchasing your next running shoes. Do not be seduced by the idea of wearing a particular brand if their shoes simply do not work with your feet. The brand may be excellent and produce impeccable quality running shoes, but if you are not comfortable when wearing them, they are not the best running shoe for you.

What are the best shoes for mens running?

The best running shoes for men are those made with the male foot shape in mind. Men tend to have wider feet than women, and you will find that most men’s running shoes are designed to accommodate this. The best men’s running shoes will have ample space within and provide a solid amount of cushion in the sole. They will also have a sturdy, yet flexible upper part of the shoe, with a section of breathable material to avoid your feet becoming too hot.

What are the best shoes for heavy runners?

Heavy runners are generally those with a body mass index of above 25. If this is you, then you should take extra care when choosing your running shoes to ensure comfort, safety, and minimise risk of injury. Heavy runners should opt for a shoe that offers additional cushioned support in the sole. While most shoes for mens running do have this feature as almost standard, there are options for even greater cushioning. The more cushioning, the less chance you will experience injury when running.

What INTERSPORT offers

Intersport offers a wide variety of men’s running shoes that will help you stay comfortable and agile while making your strides. Whether you run on a treadmill, trails, or sidewalk, you have the option to choose from many different styles and fits from all of your favorite brands such as ASICS, Nike, New Balance…you name it! Intersport’s selection of mens running shoes will give you the support you need to tackle your next run.

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