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Buying Boxing Equipment at INTERSPORT

Boxing is a hugely popular sport across the globe that many people enjoy viewing as well as practicing. If you’re looking to practice boxing at home, you will need a few pieces of boxing equipment to get started.

At INTERSPORT, you can buy the best boxing gloves, boxing bags and any other boxing equipment you may need to continue training from the privacy of your home. Our huge selection of boxing supplies and accessories — both mens and womens — means we’re the best port of call to supply you with every single item you need to practice your punch.

Home Boxing Equipment

Just because you’re buying boxing equipment for your home does not mean you have to sacrifice quality seen in boxing clubs or used by professionals. So what equipment do elite boxers use? And how much does boxing gear cost?

Below are our recommendations on all things boxing equipment such as gloves, bags and accessories that will ensure you’re well prepared for your at-home boxing workouts.

  • Boxing bags

Buying a boxing bag that is highly durable is key if you want to set up your own training area at home. A heavy boxing bag needs to be able to tolerate every punch you throw at it. Keep in mind that bags in a darker colour and are made of either leather or vinyl means your boxing bag will stand the test of time. Our best seller heavy boxing bags come in black and in a variety of sizes in order to ensure that you get the best weight to match your skill and strength.

  • Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves need to be high quality as lower rated gloves may actually cause injury when not used correctly. Look for boxing gloves that offer wrist support and ample padding so that each punch you make has a protective edge to it. Everlast offers a wide range of options in both mens and womens size in a variety of colours such as red and black.

  • Custom Boxing Accessories and Equipment

In addition to the obvious boxing bag and boxing gloves needed to start training at home, there are a wide range of accessories that boxing enthusiasts can purchase — whether they’re thai boxers, boxing for fitness or practicing the more traditional method of boxing.

A good example are inner gloves that you can wear on the inside of your boxing gloves to help soak up sweat. This makes training that much more comfortable and easy on your joints and muscles, and can take the pain out of rubbing that sometimes is exacerbated by your body’s own moisture.

Additionally, hand wraps are popular if you’re looking for extra protection for your knuckles during training and fights. Finally, a heavy bag stand like from Everlast means you can easily start using a heavy bag as soon as you purchase it.

Buying Boxing Equipment at INTERSPORT

At INTERSPORT, we supply the best boxing bags, gloves and equipment available on the market. Our selection of high quality equipment means that you’ll be fully prepared for any boxing you choose to do, whether it’s for a ring match or just to throw a few punches at your boxing bag at home.

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